Andrew O.N. Schwartz

Andrew co-edits Mangoprism. He is a basketball player and a journalist currently living in Washington, D.C.


Selected Journalism

Night at the Library | The Baffler | Searching for the future of public space at Brooklyn’s Central Library.

Old money, young guilt | In These Times | An upsurgent non-profit organizes wealthy millennials to talk openly about their family money — and relinquish it.

Food issues run deep at Washington State Penitentiary | Walla Walla Union-Bulletin | Investigative feature piece on the decline of food quality at the local penitentiary, and statewide. Decline maps gradual takeover of meal programs statewide by Correctional Industries, the controversial Department of Corrections business arm. Festering issue erupted when hundreds of inmates refused meals in protest earlier in the year.

The Grindr lawsuit that could change the internet | The Outline | In a case that addresses basic tensions between the internet’s founding principles of free speech and the civic responsibilities of its businesses that have attained positions of outsized power, a law written in 1996 took center stage.

A night hunting ghosts at Joliet Prison | Chicago Magazine |  On the scene with paranormal investigators in a very spooky place.

Andrew Yang’s guinea pigs | In These Times | Mini-profile of New Hampshire family that presidential candidate Andrew Yang is personally giving $1,000 per month in a Universal Basic Income experiment.

The price of a conviction | Walla Walla Union-Bulletin | Experts and activists say court-imposed debt can undermine the reintegration process for the tens of thousands of ex-convicts living in precarity around Washington. Thanks, in part, to the example of a local woman who sought and successfully received relief from her legal financial obligations in court, Walla Walla County is at the forefront of widespread efforts for reform.

The Hidden Message of Amazon’s $15 wage: ‘You don’t need a union’ | In These Times | The tech industry has long regarded itself as exceptional in its treatment of workers. How does Amazon’s wage hike fit into this history?

Need seen, need (and tummies) filled at Starbuck restaurant | Walla Walla Union-Bulletin | Profile of a retired woman who, along with her husband, opened up a restaurant in rural Washington State town with a population just over one hundred.

From fur to foie gras, animals are on a winning streak | In These Times | Amid climate change and a largely hostile Trump administration, animal rights activists are making meaningful local gains as they work to shake charges of elitism, and bring their work into broader discourse on the Left.

Generation Gap Bridged at Guitar Fest | Walla Walla Union-Bulletin | Profile of an up-and-coming young blues musician who wows ‘Nam-generation audiences, quelling concerns that kids just don’t play the blues no more.

Hunger Strike at Washington State Penitentiary | Whitman Wire | 5/03/2018 | What does it actually mean for inmates to protest prison policy with a hunger strike?

Whitman in China | Walla Walla Union-Bulletin: Lifestyles Magazine | Profile of Whitman College program that sends recent graduates to teach English in China. Reported from both Xi’an and Walla Walla, the piece explores the ambivalent, purgatorial nature of the expat life in China. It was published in Lifestyles, the Union-Bulletin’s monthly magazine.

The Future of Encounters | Whitman Wire | Deep-dive investigation into the history and heated faculty debates surrounding the “signature program” at Whitman College. Mired in a generalized discontent, the program was seen as enacting fundamental questions as to the nature of tradition, community and the liberal arts.

Walla Walla Girls Code a Career | Walla Walla Union-Bulletin | A local program looks to introduce young girls to the notoriously male-centric world of computer programming.

D.I.Y. Porn | Whitman Wire | Profile from college of a fellow student who does sexual performances for money on online forums. This is a common gig-economy style hustle for college-aged women looking for cash. The work enacts important questions around the nature of feminism, consent and (often misleading) cultural depictions of sexual pleasure.

Queens of Walla Walla | Walla Walla Union-Bulletin | Profile of local drag queen living in conservative agricultural region that is in the midst of cultural and economic transformation.

The Missionary Retires | Whitman Wire: Circuit Magazine | After nearly a century of debate, Whitman College did away with its controversial mascot. This feature piece explores the meaning and implications of that break from the past.

Judge Who Blocked Trump’s Immigration Ban a Whitman Alum | Whitman Wire |   News profile of James Robart, the first federal judge to block President Trump’s initial immigration ban.

Postcard from Standing Rock | Mangoprism | Personal account of the Dakota Access Pipelines protests at Standing Rock.

Takemoto Sensei: on Home | Whitman Wire: Circuit Magazine | Profile of Whitman professor Ron Akira Takemoto, a Zen Master who here explores the nature of “home.”

Quiet in the Wallowas | Whitman Wire | Account and tribute in reference to the tragic death the director of the Wallowa Avalanche Center, a young man who had led my own avalanche safety course earlier in the year.

Adventures With Godwin | Whitman Wire | Profile of present Whitman physics student, one-time Chinese calligraphy champion.

Animal Minds | Whitman Wire | Whitman professors researched animal brains to learn about humans. As the human-animal distinction blurs, so too does the ethical landscape.

Walla Walla Pub Crawl | Whitman Wire | Account of drunken bender won 2015 Hosokawa Award for best feature story of the year.



Liberals should be more skeptical of power | Power has dirty hands by definition, and the media should always refrain from romanticism and maintain a critical posture.

On Hazing | Rethinking absurd traditions at Whitman College in light of the absurd hazing to which I was subjected in high school.

‘I’m Going to Go Chill in the Bathroom’ | A family wedding.

Deep Summer | The Walla Walla summer brimmed with potential. The Whitman crew numbered in the hundreds. But did it count? Did we do enough? Did we ever have a chance?

Postcard from Cuba |  Delivered essay on Cuba, Che and Obama at a Philosophy Conference at Walla Walla University’s Center for the Study of Race, Ethnicity, and Culture.

There was a Great Big Moose | Essay on weird Detroit service trip won Silver for the Young Traveler Category of the 2016 Solas Awards.

I am the Worst Collegiate Golfer in America | (Theoretically) funny meditation on my mortifying stint on the college golf team.

My Gap Year: Aporia and the Lunatic Express |  I had no refinement in my ego. A grave offence indeed was the idea that I was a tourist, or even just an allusion to the fact of my whiteness, which carried within the implication that I’m not the nuanced, multi-dimensional, enigmatic motherfucker that I’d like to think that I am.

Postcard from Kenya: The Road from Laisamis | Essay on disgusting misadventure won Gold for Funny Travel Category of 2015 Solas Awards. It was eventually published in the travel writing book, Wake Up and Smell the Shit, and also in “Tales to Go.”


Donald Mayo Skirts His Own Death | Mangoprism | 4/01/2018 | Donald knows his death is true because the fortune-teller that confirmed it had corroborating evidence. You know how when someone, like a public figure, is accused of rape or sexual deviance, the allegations include a description of the declination of the accused’s penis, or of the dark mole on the underside of his scrotum? It is kind of like that. There is no denying the veracity of the fate.