Liberals should be more skeptical of power | Power has dirty hands by definition, and the media should always refrain from romanticism and maintain a critical posture.

On Hazing | Rethinking absurd traditions at Whitman College in light of the absurd hazing to which I was subjected in high school.

‘I’m Going to Go Chill in the Bathroom’ | A family wedding.

Deep Summer | The Walla Walla summer brimmed with potential. The Whitman crew numbered in the hundreds. But did it count? Did we do enough? Did we ever have a chance?

Postcard from Cuba |  Delivered essay on Cuba, Che and Obama at a Philosophy Conference at Walla Walla University’s Center for the Study of Race, Ethnicity, and Culture.

There was a Great Big Moose | Essay on weird Detroit service trip won Silver for the Young Traveler Category of the 2016 Solas Awards.

I am the Worst Collegiate Golfer in America | (Theoretically) funny meditation on my mortifying stint on the college golf team.

My Gap Year: Aporia and the Lunatic Express |  I had no refinement in my ego. A grave offence indeed was the idea that I was a tourist, or even just an allusion to the fact of my whiteness, which carried within the implication that I’m not the nuanced, multi-dimensional, enigmatic motherfucker that I’d like to think that I am.

Postcard from Kenya: The Road from Laisamis | Essay on disgusting misadventure won Gold for Funny Travel Category of 2015 Solas Awards. It was eventually published in the travel writing book, Wake Up and Smell the Shit, and also in “Tales to Go.”